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    Bobina blu carta igienica

    Pure cellulose 100% blue tissue paper industrial rolls are produced with a 3 plies blue paper, which guarantee great absorbency and resistance. Suitable for food contact , these rolls are really strong and featured by a strong absorption power. Smooth, embossed or microembossed glued. We can customize our rolls in terms of sheets number, length, weight, quality of the paper and packaging.

    Paper quality Pure Cellulose 100%
    Lavorazione Microembossed
    Plies n. 3
    Height cm. 26
    Grammatura gr/m2 20 per ply
    Weight kg. da 2,4 a 8
    Sheet lenght cm 37
    Internal diameter mm 50 – 70 su richiesta
    External diameter mm da 220 a 400 +/-
    Packaging sacco Polytermo
    Pieces per pack n. 2 rotoli
    Pallet n. 48
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