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    Pure cellulose micro embossed glued industrial roll is characterized by very strong tissue paper rolls.
    Suitable for food contact if produced with pure cellulose 100% 2-3 plies paper, we can produce also a cheaper version made with recycled paper.
    We can be also produced a cheaper version made with recycled paper.


    Paper quality Pure Cellulose 100%
    Paper details Microembossed – Glued
    Plies n. 2/3
    Height cm. 22 – 24 – 26
    Grammatura gr/m2 da 17 a 25
    Weight kg. da 1,6 a 2,5
    Sheet lenght cm 30
    Internal diameter mm 50 – 70 su richiesta
    External diameter mm da 220 a 270 +/-
    Packaging sacco Polytermo
    Pieces per pack n. 2 rolls
    Pallet n. 54-70 packs
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